API > campaign > Get Details

GET https://app.replyup.com/api/campaign/${id}
Get campaign details
Default Parameter
api_key (string) Your api key
id(string) * Campaign Id of which you want to get details.
200 success returns

successful operation

id (string) The identifier of the campaign.
campaignName (string) Name of campaign
fromName (string) The name the campaign was sent from.
fromEmail (string) The email address the campaign was sent from.
subject (string) The subject of the campaign.
templateId (string) Which template is assigned either there will be a emailSequenceId or templateId
emailSequenceId (string) Which is sequence is assigned either there will be a emailSequenceId or templateId
listIds (array) The ids of the lists the campaign was sent to.
executionDate (string (YYYY-MM-DD)) When should the campaign get executed date
executionTime (string) At what time should the campaign get executed (HH:MM)
status: (string) 1 = (Process the campaign), 3 = (Save as draft)
type (string) 1 = (Regular campaign), 2 = (Automated campaign)
intervalType (string) When the campaign needs to be processed ("immediately") ("hours") ("days")
workflowTimeInterval (number) Interval time (if interval type is hours or days, workflowTimeInterval can be number of hours or days
status (number) 1 = (Active), 0 = (Complete)
timezone (string) Timezone in which you want your campaign to be executed, default time is 10:00 in (UTC)
400 returns

Invalid status value

success (boolean) It defines if response is success, or failure
statusCode (string) Error code
message (string) A description of the error.
Example request
Example response
            {"success":true,"campaign":{"id":2,"listId":null,"templateId":125,"userId":5,"emailSequenceId":null,"campaignName":"Reports@2","fromName":"Ajinkya Kathe","fromEmail":"info@foundercontent.com","subject":"Report Testing 2","previewText":"","executionDate":"","executionTime":"","scheduledDateAndTime":null,"type":"1","workflowTimeInterval":"0","status":0,"createdAt":"2022-02-09T09:32:00.000Z","updatedAt":"2022-02-09T09:32:00.000Z","listIds":[1]}}