API > list > Create List

POST https://app.replyup.com/api/list
Create list
Default Parameter
api_key (string) Your api key
name(string) * Name of the list
200 success returns

successful operation

id (string) The identifier of the list.
name (string) The name of the list.
userId (integer) The userId of the list.
status (integer) The status of the list.
updatedAt (string) When was the list last updated.
createdAt (string) When was the list created.
400 returns

Invalid status value

success (boolean) It defines if response is success, or failure
statusCode (string) Error code
message (string) A description of the error.
Example request
{"name":"Onboarding client"}
Example response
            {"id":1,"name":"Onboarding client","userId":1,"status":1,"updatedAt":"2022-03-03T18:19:04.859Z","createdAt":"2022-03-03T18:19:04.859Z"}